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Free Art Resources to Download Online

Art is something that all should have the chance to enjoy, in one form or another. In some ways, art can be very expensive. For those who have to travel a long way to see the famous art nearest to them, or for others who simply cannot afford the equipment to try art as a hobby, it can seem an elitist pastime. This article brings some of the best free art available online to help more to enjoy this amazing, creative hobby which can be studied or pursued. Every country is full of amateur artists looking to sell their latest creations or simply find a way to continue their art education. Many resources are also available online to help this happen, for free. The internet is an amazing way of exchanging information, views and ideas on any topic, and art is well catered for here with a huge amount of free art downloads available.The most obvious availability is free photos and articles of famous artists and paintings. Many sites have photos that can be used as wallpapers for your computer desktop and the articles are great for learning and studying about art, which remains popular today. Art education is essential to amateur artists who need to understand how art has developed before they can improve their own painting methods. There are also many sites with free art videos which are great for budding artists to learn visually about new painting techniques. Videos have a great advantage over books when it comes to demonstrating manual techniques.For those wishing to study famous art in person, there are many free art galleries around the world which offer free entrance in order to encourage more young people in art. Currently, the UK has many such places, particularly in its capital, London where entrance to museums and art galleries is partly subsidised by the tax payer. Lists of these free art galleries are also available online.Free art study at universities is available to those who attain scholarships, and information on this, as well as smaller art courses in also available online. Some art foundations exist solely to help more people into art, particularly when they have already demonstrated natural ability.Digital art is a relatively new phenomenon brought about by the rise in desktop computers. As well as the common love of free desktop wallpapers, there is also a great demand for free art software, for various tasks, such as editing photos from cameras, producing advertising for small businesses and amending graphics to personal blogs and websites. Online art is quite different to traditional painting styles, for example, but is another avenue for free art resources. The best professional art software retails at hundreds of dollars, but most tasks for the amateur can be achieved with free software available all over the world wide web.