The Evolution Of Cosmetics – A Generalized Study

If we carefully look into the different products that can be clubbed together as cosmetics, we can categorize them into four basic segments – skin-care, hair-care, make-up and fragrance. Sometimes dubbed as hair and beauty products, this is a multi-billion dollar industry on a global basis.The use of cosmetics for the enhancement of beauty is an age-old practice. Earlier, it was more of a necessity than luxury and was restricted to medical purposes only. Natural cures were the only way out and it was confined within the local residents of a certain region.With the advancement of science, the area specific knowledge were pooled together, samples were collected and examined rigorously in the laboratories and crystallized in the form of formulas that can be replicated anywhere in the world.Thus, what was once a local resource turned into globally accepted and standardized products that can be produced in a mass scale! This tremendous transformation propelled businesses and artificially produced chemicals replaced the herbs. The same transformation also produced two lateral effects – one, the knowledge of herbs and associated procedures were subdued and secondly, it helped conserving those herbs and medicinal plants by saving them from mass use.Until now, the saga is quite similar to any of the ancient procedures and traditions that have been wiped out by tsunamis of laboratory based science and commercial ventures. Take any case like that of clothing, paper, etc., something that is associated with the plant kingdom and you will notice striking similarities with the evolution of cosmetics.At this stage, it is important to remember that the constituents of hair and beauty products also comprises of several things like special type of soils, minerals, etc. – something that can only be obtained directly from the nature and is cost-prohibitive to be formulated and mechanically produced in a laboratory-factory setting. Therefore, today’s cosmetic makers are still very much dependent on nature for a major portion of the required raw materials.However, the dynamics of the evolution of cosmetics is gradually making a U-turn. Artificially manufactured chemicals that powers today’s hair and beauty products are responsible for numerous dermatological problems, as pointed out by professionals. Sooner or later, these undesired effects create problems for a regular user.For some, it may be a minor rash or vigorous allergy, while for others it may be a gradual and permanent deterioration and damage of hair and skin. No matter how much startling the initial effects are in a positive sense, the scenario always has a downward slope with the passage of time.To solve this problem, people are turning towards the herbal and natural solutions in their quest for side-effect free hair and beauty products. In the past decade, the market has seen a steady increase in the demand for Ayurvedic products in both medicine and cosmetics category.This trend clearly indicates the gradually growing popularity of the Oriental culture which emphasizes on slow and steady improvement. The decline in the stigmas and taboos attached with certain external ailments regarding hair and skin has also encouraged people to avoid quick-fixes and opt for a more sustainable, durable and side-effect free genre of hair and beauty products.

With Health Care Reform, Will Doctors Start to Turn Patients Away?

The original concept was that the nationalized health care plan being proposed by President Obama would lower the amount of visits made to hospital emergency rooms each day given that those who seek emergency room care for routine health care issues would now have the medical insurance coverage that they require to schedule regular doctor visits.  Taking a look at the bigger picture however, uncovers a scary concept and the new health care plan might actually cause an increase in the amount of non-emergency, emergency room visits each day.
A closer look at the current health care structure actually shows that those individuals without medical insurance, throughout the United States, in fact take advantage of the emergency room less frequently than those patients who are presently on Medicare and Medicaid, and the leading basis is that Medicare and Medicaid pay very little to providers for the care that the dispense to these patients and as a result doctor’s are more apt to turn them away at the office.  This leaves them with no alternative but to head to the ER in search of standard care. 
Under the proposed plan a lot of of individuals who are living devoid of insurance would be covered under Medicaid or some subdivision of this branch of the health care system and because of this they would also be discriminated against when trying to visit a health care professional in his/her office.  This will inevitably increase the number of individuals being attended to in the nation’s emergency rooms. 
A closer look at the proposal provides more reason for concern as it gives no approach to raise the number of providers, while it vastly promises to increase the number of patients in the system.  This will lead to doctor’s offices being too booked and turning away patients that require care and these individuals will need to also turn to the Hospital doctors as their chief treatment physicians.
Overall, although the health care reform does cause a few to hope, there are definitely a few shortcomings in the plan.  As medical doctors become over booked they will most likely become selective attempting to serve those patients with the top insurance plans first, and thus leaving the remainder left behind.  This gives rise to the question: Is there genuinely any hope for bettering the health care system in this country?

Business Tips: Commercial Construction Loan

Over the past couple of years, more companies have been trying to apply for a commercial construction loan. This is a good sign.Indeed, commercial construction is once again fast gaining ground after the worldwide economic slump. But before getting those power tools like the diamond blade ready, you may want to be sure you will have no problem with funding.For starters, commercial construction loans are loans that are given to companies for the construction of their buildings either for their own use or to be sold or leased to others. This kind of loan is harder to obtain than the more common and standard real estate loans for the reason that the structure is yet to be built.Applying for a commercial construction loan is a long process and understandably can get a little complex… if you don’t know how it works. But if you have the necessary documents ready, then it’s not going to be as hard as it seems. Hopefully, these will get you on the right track.Business or personal credit?If you are just starting your business, then you may use your personal credit history since you don’t have an existing business yet. But if you already have a licensed business, then your business history will be used.Weigh your optionsTalk to as many banks or lenders as possible. Know about their terms, options and interest rates. For immediate information, you can search them online, and from there you can already decide which could be best for you. Better yet, go in person so you will be able to talk to them and your questions will be answered. It is best to approach lenders that specialize in commercial loans. Ask for quotes and study your choices. If in case you do not qualify, hard money loans should be an option.Prepare the supporting documentsFor this you will have to show them a detailed plan of the property which should be supported by diagrams and architectural design. You should also be ready with a comprehensive business plan which you will have to show them, too. The goal is to prove to them that the construction’s value can cover the cost of the loan.That’s about it! If you are able to do this and have the necessary documents ready, then you should be good. If you are just starting your business, be sure you bring that entrepreneurial spirit wherever you go. And for established businesses, good luck as well and here’s hoping for a more prosperous business!